Animal Superpowers

I am convinced that both my sweet Yorkie, Coco Chanel, and my only-kind-to-me kitty, Sweetness, have superpowers. Yes, they have an innate, supernatural ability to “read” my emotions and respond accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if Coco is sitting next to me or is upstairs messing up the pillows on the bed, she ALWAYS knows when I am crying, even when that cry is silent. And before I know it, she is cuddled up on my chest with her head nuzzled under my chin. Then, as soon as the last tear falls, and my spirit has quieted, she wanders off to nap on the nearest cozy blanket.

Sweetness, on the other hand, could care less if I am crying, but she can sense when I need to feel the comfort of Jesus. Every time I open my Bible, start praying, or journal my thoughts to God, Sweetness suddenly appears. She crawls into my lap, rubs her damp nose against mine, and purrs endlessly. And during these moments, I am overwhelmed with the sensation that Jesus is reaching my heart through my cat’s tender expression. He is reminding me, through her, that He is near.

Both Coco and Sweetness are empathetic creatures. They are sensitive to my emotions and vicariously experience my feelings and thoughts; I have witnessed it on numerous occasions. They came into my life not only for me to care for and love them, but so God could show me the depth of His love in the simplest of ways.

Often, I struggle to embrace God’s love toward me.

I have the tendency to complicate it and fall into the trap of believing that I have to do more to earn His love. But when Coco plops down on my chest or Sweetness knocks my notebook out of the way so she can cuddle on my lap, I remember that God’s love is freely given. No strings attached. If my furballs — who are most concerned with belly rubs and full tummies — can carry love for me, how much more is God’s love for me?

So yeah, my animals have superpowers — straight from God.

I think as human beings we can be tempted to think that God only has time for the “big stuff.” Not true. He actually cares about the smallest, most minute details of our lives. If it matters to us, it matters to Him and He wants to walk through whatever life throws at us… with Him.

He brought Sweetness into my life during a seemingly small time. About a month after moving to Utah, I was feeling very alone. But God brought me to an animal shelter and put this little black and white fuzzball into my life. Because I was so busy taking care of our new fur baby who managed to get sick or injured every week the first month, on top of navigating kitten destruction around the house, I didn’t have time or space to think about my depression. God knew that I needed a distraction, something outside of myself, that I could dive into. Sweetness and I developed a bond, that to this day, continues to replenish my soul.

Coco came to us at the perfect time as well. When she first joined the family, there was a lot of tension. She really upset Sweetness, and that in turn upset me. In fact, Sweetness changed dramatically, and it took almost a year and a half for her to return to her former self. But you see, Coco was exactly what Ken needed on his journey. Coco was his daughter’s dog, and as Taylor was going off to college, having Coco in the home kept Taylor close. The 4-pounds of lovable fur gave my husband a sense of peace, and a way to stay connected with his girl. God knew how much Ken needed that comfort.

God can use anything in our path to reach our hearts.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t put God in a box?” For me, the moment I put God within set parameters is the moment I miss out. God has used my animals to speak to me, and I have been able to receive His messages of love because I threw out my box. Whether it comes through an animal, person, experience, or nature… God will go to endless lengths to express His love. And I am so thankful that He does.

How has God demonstrated His love in your life?

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