Funny Story: My Social Distance Lesson

Some days I just have to laugh at myself.

Today was the first time I have stepped foot inside of a grocery store since March 31 (I know, right?). I have been fortunate the past month that my husband graciously runs all our errands, allowing me the freedom to stay home in safety. But I was determined to be a brave soul and go out into the world… of Albertsons.

My mask was on, I had a tiny squirt bottle of rubbing alcohol in my sweater pocket, and I gathered hand wipes at the entrance—I was all set. I began to systematically work my way through the store, aisle by aisle, maintaining my two-cart lengths at every turn.

That’s when I saw the bright red “one-way” arrow sticker on the floor.

Wait, what? I vaguely remembered my mother-in-law mentioning something about one-ways in her store, but it never dawned on me to check my store! So the whole time I was breaking social distancing rules by traveling down the aisles the WRONG WAY, and no one said anything (which I was actually grateful for).

I did, however, know that there was only one checkout line. So with the last item in my cart, I headed to the vacant paper product row and took my place on the very last 6-feet-apart square. Patiently inching my way forward, I was finally up next for a register.

And that’s when I looked down the card aisle.

One of the main reasons I was venturing out was to get cards for an upcoming holiday. But I never put “cards” on my shopping list because I was going to magically remember. Well, I remembered, but only AFTER waiting in the checkout line. So, I got out of the line and proceeded down the aisle. Of course half-way down I realized I was traveling the wrong way… again!

I seriously need to venture out a little more.

I have been pretty content in my cocoon, but today taught me that I need to engage with society. I was just surprised at how much things have changed. I don’t watch the news, intentionally. I don’t interact with a lot of social media, so beyond masks and 6-feet of distance, I didn’t know all the grocery store protocols. I certainly do now!

Beyond learning the new social norms, today was also about conquering fear. I have been apprehensive about everything, but I can’t allow fear to control me. So despite anxious feelings, I went to the store… just like many other people do every day. I survived. And while I was there, my faux pas’ lightened the mood and reminded me that I am going to be just fine… and laughter is the best medicine.

4 thoughts on “Funny Story: My Social Distance Lesson

    1. Never a dull moment! And then I bumped a display with my hind side and knocked over a bottle of foundation that shattered all over the floor… in front of the whole long line of people!!!


      1. Oh no! Sorry, I’m giggling out loud over here in my own little world.


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